State of the Journal, 2011
High-Definition Occupational Therapy's Competitive Edge: Personal Excellence Is the Key
Accentuate the Positive: Reflections on Empathic Interpersonal Interactions
Perspectives on Home Safety: Do Home Safety Assessments Address the Concerns of Clients With Vision Loss?
Validity of Using the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills to Determine the Need for Assistance
Driving to Learn in a Powered Wheelchair: The Process of Learning Joystick Use in People With Profound Cognitive Disabilities
Correlations Between Quality of Life and Adaptation Factors Among People With Multiple Sclerosis
Effectiveness of an Integrated Handwriting Program for First-Grade Students: A Pilot Study
Effects of a Father-Based In-Home Intervention on Perceived Stress and Family Dynamics in Parents of Children With Autism
Pilot Study of the Effectiveness of Weighted Vests
Relationship Between Postural Control and Fine Motor Skills in Preterm Infants at 6 and 12 Months Adjusted Age
Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Tailoring Methods of Multimedia-Based Fall Prevention Education for Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Manualization of Occupational Therapy Interventions: Illustrations From the Pressure Ulcer Prevention Research Program
Falls, Older Adults, and the Impact of the Neighborhood Environment
Improving Client Safety: Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Practice Errors in Occupational Therapy
Improving Measurement Properties of the Recovery Assessment Scale With Rasch Analysis
Critical Reasoning Scores of Entering Bachelor's and Master's Students in an Occupational Therapy Program
Falls, Older Adults, and the Impact of the Neighborhood Environment