Telehealth and Occupational Therapy
Results of a School-Based Evidence-Based Practice Initiative
Effects of Stability Balls on Children’s On-Task Behavior, Academic Achievement, and Discipline Referrals
Comprehensive Social Skills Taxonomy
Longitudinal Study of Occupational Therapy Students’ Beliefs About Knowledge and Knowing
Reduced Physical Fitness in Patients With Heart Failure as a Possible Risk Factor for Impaired Driving Performance
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Patients With Brain Tumors
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Clinical Reasoning Guideline for Home Modification Interventions
Taking Control
Effectiveness of Use of Button-Operated Electronic Devices Among Persons With Bálint Syndrome
Test–Retest Reliability of the Child Occupational Self-Assessment (COSA)
Interrater Reliability of the Record of Driving Errors (RODE)
Transition Needs of Adolescents With Sickle Cell Disease
Creating Evidence for Practice Using Data-Driven Decision Making