Client-Centered Advocacy
Promoting Health, Well-Being, and Quality of Life for Children Who Are Overweight or Obese and Their Families
Occupational Therapy Wellness Program
Interventions to Promote Diabetes Self-Management in Children and Youth
Impact of a Child-Based Health Promotion Service-Learning Project on the Growth of Occupational Therapy Students
Exploratory Study of the Clinical Utility of the Pizzi Healthy Weight Management Assessment (PHWMA) Among Burmese High School Students
Health-Promoting Physical Activity of Children Who Use Assistive Mobility Devices
Relationship Between Physical Activity and Overweight and Obesity in Children
Sensory Patterns, Obesity, and Physical Activity Participation of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Benefits of a Culturally Tailored Health Promotion Program for Latino Youth With Disabilities and Their Families
Effectiveness of a Sensory-Enriched Early Intervention Group Program for Children With Developmental Disabilities
Guided Imagery and Stress in Pregnant Adolescents
Therapeutic Taping for Scapular Stabilization in Children With Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy
Family-Centered Management of Sensory Challenges of Children With Autism
Occupational Therapy Education Research
Social Participation in Schools
Interrater Reliability of the Revised Cognitive Performance Test (CPT)
Occupational Therapy Home Modification Assessment and Intervention