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State of the Journal, 2016
Coming Home to Family
The Power of Authenticity
The Prepared Mind
AOTA Official Documents in the AJOT Online Supplement
Children With Celiac Disease
Predicting Handwriting Legibility in Taiwanese Elementary School Children
Reliability of Electrodermal Activity
Equine-Assisted Occupational Therapy
Feasibility of Using an Arm Weight–Supported Training System to Improve Hand Function Skills in Children With Hemiplegia
Mothers With Physical Disability
Improving Academic Performance and Working Memory in Health Science Graduate Students Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training
Intervention Promoting Medication Adherence
Experiences of Veterans Transitioning to Postsecondary Education
Scoping Review of Self-Regulation
Systematic Review of Educational Interventions for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Description of and Preliminary Findings for Occupational Connections, an Intervention for Inpatient Psychiatry Settings
Comparison of Spinal Angles in a Typing Task on a Laptop and a Desktop Computer
Role of Occupational Therapy in Combating Human Trafficking
Research Opportunities in the Area of Adults With Traumatic Brain Injury