Optometry-Ophthalmology – The Future
Dose-Response Effects of Corneal Anesthetics
Stability of Back-Toric Prism-Ballast Hydrogel Contact Lenses
The Ocular Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation
Evaluation of 225 Consecutive Intraocular-Lens Implants
Water Flow Conductivity and Pore Diameter in Extended-Wear Gel Lens Materials
Static Fracture Resistance of Schott S-1005 Lenses as a Function of Thickness
Modifying the Pattern of Prescribing Multiple Pairs of Glasses
Recording Monocular VEPs Under Binocular Conditions
A Foot-Operated Camera l Trip for the Nikon Photo SII Lamp
Call for Papers for 1978 Annual Academy Meeting
Academy's Low-Vision Diplomate Program
Secretary-Treasurer's 1977 Report