Visual Training Effects on Normal Vision
ERG Off-Effects Produced by Short Duration Stimuli
Measuring Corneal Recovery from Osmotic and Anoxic Stress
Apparent Human Corneal Oxygen Uptake Rate
Oxygen Tension beneath Contact Lenses under the Closed Eyelid: Human Eye Measurements
A System Matrix for Astigmatic Optical Systems: I. Introduction and Dioptric Power Relations
Binocular Facilitation in the Visual-Evoked Potential of Strabismic Amblyopes
The Component of Physiological Pupillary Unrest Correlated with Respiration
A Comparative Study of Low-Vision Patients: Their Ocular Disease and Preference for One Specific Series of Light Transmission Filters
Determination of the Average Thickness of a Contact Lens
Feedback on Prekindergarteners Failing Vision Screenings
Purtscher's Retinopathy Associated with Acute Pancreatitis
Myopia Development in Experimental Animals—A Literature Review
Prentice Memorial Lecture: The Science of Seeing—A Search for Criteria
The Clinical Management of Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis
Insight into Eyesight.
Ultrasonic Fragmentation for Intraocular Surgery.
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