Contrast Sensitivity Determined with the Spatial Bandwidth Equalization Technique
Effect of In Vivo and In Vitro Surface Protein Deposits on the Oxygen Permeability of Polyhydroxyethylmethacrylate Gel Contact Lenses
Power and Radius Changes Induced in Soft Contact Lens Systems by Flexure
Development of Quantitative Tools for Filter-Aided Dichromats
An Experimental Test of Filter-Aided Dichromatic Color Discrimination
Effect of Luminance, Contrast, and Eccentricity on Visual Acuity in Senile Macular Degeneration
Eyelid Closure Effects on the Refractive Error of the Eye in Dark-and in Light-Reared Kittens
An Optometric Purview of Intraorbital Meningioma
Electric Cataract
Effect of Luminance on Scotomas
Oxygen Consumption of Whole Human Corneas