The Glenn A. Fry Award Lecture
Symposium on the Dynamics and Clinical Use of Fixation Disparity. Introduction
Disparity Vergence Dynamics and Fixation Disparity
Combined Effects of Spatial Frequency and Retinal Eccentricity upon Fixation Disparity
Should a Central Fusion Stimulus Be Used on the Disparometer?
Objective Measurement of Binocular Fixation Misalignment
Studies in Vertical Fixation Disparity
Convergence Insufficiency, Fixation Disparity, and Control Systems Analysis
Computerized Fixation Disparity Measurement
Clinical Evaluation of Vertical Fixation Disparity. Part IV. Slope and Adaptation to Vertical Prism of Vertical Heterophoria Patients
Differential Effects of Various Causes of Deafness on the Eyes, Refractive Errors, and Vision of Children
Solar Radiation and the Eye
Professor Yves Le Grand
American Academy of Optometry Awards Program 1985