Tonic Accommodation, Accommodative Hysteresis, and Refractive Error
Effect of Luminance Level on Contrast Sensitivity in Myopia
Rigid Gas Permeable Lens Binding
Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Some Soft Contact Lens Care Systems
Clinical Use of the Pepper Visual Skills for Reading Test in Low Vision Rehabilitation
Reliability and Validity of Simple Photographic Plate Tests of Contrast Sensitivity
Chromatic Imbalance Due to Commonly Used Red-Green Filters Reduces Accuracy of Stereoscopic Depth Perception
Location of the Corneal Apex and Its Influence on the Stability of the Central Corneal Curvature. A Photokeratoscopy Study
Eye-Head Coordination with Laterally “Modulated” Gaze Field
Treatment for Strabismus in Cerebral Palsy
Psychophysiological Stress, Elevated Intraocular Pressure, and Acute Closed-Angle Glaucoma
Letter to the Editor
The International Style Guide Committee for Uniform Submissions to Optometric Journals
Embedding of an Inverted Hard Contact Lens