Meredith Walter Morgan–A Salute
Effect of Vision Therapy on Stereophotogrammetric Profiling—A Controlled Clinical Trial
Dopaminergic Neurons in the Cat Retina
A Model for the Visual Perception of Direction
Imbalanced Adaptation of Accommodation and Yergence Produces Opposite Extremes of the AC/A and CA/C Ratios
Measurement of Metamorphopsia in the Presence of Ocular Media Opacities
Optometry of Daza de Valdes (1591-ca. 1636)
Ocular Effects of Hard Gas-Permeable-Lens Extended Wear
Dynamics of Human Voluntary Accommodation
Adaptation to Vertical Prism
Photographing Eye Movements to Obtain Both High Resolution and Large Amplitude Applied to the Experiment of J. Mueller
Role of Vergence Accommodation in Correcting for Night Myopia
Rigid Contact Lens Area and Corneal Oxygenation
Target Crowding in Foveal and Peripheral Stereoacuity
In Situ Oxygen Transmissibility of Rigid Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses
Visual Acuity Changes with Age
Presbyopia in Light of Accommodation
Pupil Dependency of Bifocal Contact Lenses