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Is the time really right for mandatory 3-year orthodontic residency programs?
Class II subdivision malocclusion
Class II subdivision malocclusion
Self-ligating brackets
Self-ligating brackets
Self-ligating brackets
Self-ligating brackets
Self-ligating brackets
Self-ligating brackets
Treatment complexity index for assessing the relationship of treatment duration and outcomes in a graduate orthodontics clinic
Bond strength analysis of custom base variables in indirect bonding techniques
Mandibular muscle morphology in children with different vertical facial patterns
A new concept of mandibular dental arch forms with normal occlusion
Inhalation of aerosols produced during the removal of fixed orthodontic appliances
Patients' and orthodontists' perceptions of miniplates used for temporary skeletal anchorage
Changes in oral health-related quality of life during fixed orthodontic appliance therapy
Density of the alveolar and basal bones of the maxilla and the mandible
Comparison of the loading behavior of self-drilling and predrilled miniscrews throughout orthodontic loading
Biomechanical and histological comparison of self-drilling and self-tapping orthodontic microimplants in dogs
Palatal implants are a good alternative to headgear
Treatment timing for an orthopedic approach to patients with increased vertical dimension
Dental arch widths and mandibular-maxillary base widths in Class III malocclusions from ages 10 to 14
Twenty-year follow-up of patients with permanently bonded mandibular canine-to-canine retainers
Dentoskeletal changes associated with fixed and removable appliances with a crib in open-bite patients in the mixed dentition
Vertical growth-related changes in the positions of palatal rugae and maxillary incisors
Forces released during sliding mechanics with passive self-ligating brackets or nonconventional elastomeric ligatures
Treatment protocol to control Streptococcus mutans level in an orthodontic patient with high caries risk
Treatment of ankylosed mandibular first permanent molar
Adult patient with mandibular protrusion and unstable occlusion treated with titanium screw anchorage
Class II malocclusion treated by combining a lingual retractor and a palatal plate
Posttreatment records
Earn 3 hours of CE credit
Psychological support for orthognathic patients—what do orthodontists want?
Foetal alcohol syndrome
An in-vivo and in-vitro study of a new orthodontic bonding agent
Sensitivity comparison evaluation of computer-generated three-dimensional surface topography to conventional maxillofacial radiographic imagery
Primary failure of eruption
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Alton W. Moore, 1916-2007
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