Research award winners recognized
Are we moving in the right direction to improve Angle's classification?
Treatment changes in Class II malocclusion
Treatment changes in Class II malocclusion
Prediction of prolonged pain experiences during orthodontic treatment
Pendulum appliances with 2 anchorage designs
Anchorage capacity of osseointegrated and conventional anchorage systems
Sliding resistance with esthetic ligatures
To extract or not to extract
A descriptive study of mandibular incisor alignment in untreated subjects
Patient compliance and locus of control in orthodontic treatment
Prediction of oral discomfort and dysfunction in lingual orthodontics
Long-term outcome of surgical Class III correction as a function of age at surgery
Treatment and posttreatment effects of mandibular cervical headgear followed by fixed appliances in Class III malocclusion
Evaluation of temporomandibular disorders in Class III patients treated with mandibular cervical headgear and fixed appliances
Condylar asymmetry in unilateral posterior crossbite patients
Sagittal mandibular changes with overbite correction in subjects with different mandibular growth directions
Phases of the dentition for the assessment of skeletal maturity
Effects of Class III magnetic orthopedic forces on the craniofacial sutures of rhesus monkeys
Force levels of fiber-reinforced composites and orthodontic stainless steel wires
Duration of elastomeric separation and effect on interproximal contact point characteristics
Importance of pumice prophylaxis for bonding with self-etch primer
Kinetics of fluoride release from and reuptake by orthodontic cements
Effect of chlorhexidine varnish application on mutans streptococci counts in orthodontic patients
Midfacial protraction with skeletally anchored face mask therapy
Evaluation of catch-up growth from orthodontic treatment and supplemental growth hormone therapy by using Z-scores
Correction of a Class III malocclusion with over 20 mm of space to close in the maxilla by using miniscrews for extra anchorage
Voice over Internet protocol for the orthodontic practice
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Distraction osteogenesis of the facial skeleton
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