American Board of Orthodontics inaugurates new testing center
The role of the American Board of Orthodontics in advanced dental education
Evidence-based orthodontics
Evidence-based orthodontics
Headaches and malocclusion
Cone-beam computed tomography for routine orthodontic treatment planning : A radiation dose evaluation
Binocular motility system and temporomandibular joint internal derangement : A study in adults
Relationship between the curve of Spee and dentofacial morphology evaluated with a 3-dimensional reconstruction method in Korean adults
Changes in the reflected and transmitted color of esthetic brackets after thermal cycling
Evaluation of orthodontic mini-implant anchorage in premolar extraction therapy in adolescents
Comparison of the intrusion effects on the maxillary incisors between implant anchorage and J-hook headgear
Three-dimensional upper-airway changes associated with various amounts of mandibular advancement in awake apnea patients
Association of the canine guidance angle with maxillary and mandibular intercanine widths and anterior alignment relapse : Extraction vs nonextraction treatment
Moment-to-force ratio, center of rotation, and force level : A finite element study predicting their interdependency for simulated orthodontic loading regimens
Substance P increases production of proinflammatory cytokines and formation of osteoclasts in dental pulp fibroblasts in patients with severe orthodontic root resorption
Comparison of levels of inflammatory mediators IL-1β and βG in gingival crevicular fluid from molars, premolars, and incisors during rapid palatal expansion
Evaluation of frictional forces during dental alignment : An experimental model with 3 nonleveled brackets
Effect of aging on the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets
Torque expression of self-ligating brackets
Cranial base growth in patients with Down syndrome : A longitudinal study
Forces exerted by conventional and self-ligating brackets during simulated first- and second-order corrections
Osseointegration of a subperiosteal anchoring device in the minipig mandible
Eruption of the maxillary canines in relation to skeletal maturity
Effect of duration of force application on blood vessels in young and adult rats
Orthodontic therapy in patients with pericoronal hamartoma
Treatment of a patient with Class II malocclusion, impacted maxillary canine with a dilacerated root, and peg-shaped lateral incisors
Use of on-line digital image services to create customized documents for the orthodontic office
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