British Orthodontic Society revises guidelines for clinical radiography
Temporomandibular disorder and gnathologic splints
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Longitudinal alteration of the occlusal plane and development of different dentoskeletal frames during growth
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Orthodontic treatment of Class II malocclusion with miniscrew implants
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Impact of orthodontic appliances on sleep quality
Comparison of treatment outcomes between skeletal anchorage and extraoral anchorage in adults with maxillary dentoalveolar protrusion
Bicortical vs monocortical orthodontic skeletal anchorage
Three-dimensional dental model analysis of treatment outcomes for protrusive maxillary dentition: Comparison of headgear, miniscrew, and miniplate skeletal anchorage
External apical root resorption in patients treated with conventional and self-ligating brackets
Gingival recession in young adults: Occurrence, severity, and relationship to past orthodontic treatment and oral piercing
Prediction of soft-tissue changes after mandibular advancement surgery with an equation developed with multivariable regression
Evaluation of the linearity of soft- to hard-tissue movement after orthognathic surgery
Occlusal indexes as judged by subjective opinions
Growth and development of the cranial base in mice that spontaneously develop anterior transverse crossbite
Orthodontic treatment for a patient who developed acute myeloid leukemia
Effects of symphyseal distraction osteogenesis on the temporomandibular joint seen with magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography
Using teledentistry to provide interceptive orthodontic services to disadvantaged children
Orthodontics in 3 millennia. Chapter 15: Skeletal anchorage
Orthodontic radiographs. Guidelines. 3rd ed.
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