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Sterilization requirements for miniscrew placement
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Orthognathic treatment and temporomandibular disorders
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Orthognathic treatment and temporomandibular disorders
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Cone-beam computed tomography evaluation of orthodontic miniplate anchoring screws in the posterior maxilla
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Clinical estimation of mouth breathing
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Are studies reporting significant results more likely to be published?
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Randomized clinical trials in orthodontics
Numeric modeling of torque capabilities of self-ligating and conventional brackets
Motivations and future plans of Canadian orthodontic residents
Effectiveness of 0.50% and 0.75% chlorhexidine dentifrices in orthodontic patients
Interceptive treatment of palatal impaction of maxillary canines with rapid maxillary expansion
Low-level laser therapy for pain caused by placement of the first orthodontic archwire
Analysis of surface roughness and surface free energy characteristics of various orthodontic materials
Comparative evaluation of frictional forces in active and passive self-ligating brackets with various archwire alloys
Chemical composition of enamel surface as a predictor of in-vitro shear bond strength
Can intracoronally bleached teeth be bonded safely?
Do palatal implants remain positionally stable under orthodontic load? A clinical radiologic study
Loss of anchorage of miniscrews
Root and pulp response after intentional injury from miniscrew placement
Different skeletal types underlying Class III malocclusion in a random population
Predictable drill-free screw positioning with a graduated 3-dimensional radiographic-surgical guide
Nonextraction treatment of a skeletal Class III malocclusion
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