Reflections on a Decade of Change
Changing of the guard: A look at the past
Unicystic ameloblastoma: a case of mistaken identity
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Stability of lateral open bite and myofunctional therapy
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Lateral open-bite treatment and gingival health
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Asymmetric elastics for Class III subdivision
Conflicts of interest
White spot lesions: Prevention and treatment
Earn 3 hours of CE credit
Orthodontic appliance preferences of children and adolescents
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Recovery after third-molar surgery: The effects of age and sex
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Numeric simulations of en-masse space closure with sliding mechanics
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Canine substitution for missing maxillary lateral incisors: The influence of canine morphology, size, and shade on perceptions of smile attractiveness
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Changes in the pharyngeal airway space and hyoid bone position after mandibular setback surgery for skeletal Class III jaw deformity in Japanese women
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Relationship between degree of malocclusion and occlusal interference in mice that spontaneously develop anterior transverse crossbite
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In-vitro evaluation of various treatments to prevent demineralization next to orthodontic brackets
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Martensitic transformation of austenitic stainless steel orthodontic wires during intraoral exposure
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Success rate of anterior open-bite orthodontic-orthognathic surgical treatment
Long-term observation of autotransplanted teeth with complete root formation in orthodontic patients
Repair of root resorption 4 and 8 weeks after application of continuous light and heavy forces on premolars for 4 weeks: A histology study
Effect of bracket bonding on nanomechanical properties of enamel
Effects of staining solutions on the discoloration of orthodontic adhesives: An in-vitro study
Three-dimensional analysis of the tooth movement and arch dimension changes in Class I malocclusions treated with first premolar extractions: A guideline for virtual treatment planning
Novel method of 3-dimensional soft-tissue analysis for Class III patients
Tooth movement after orthodontic treatment with 4 second premolar extractions
Bone volume, tooth volume, and incisor relapse: A 3-dimensional analysis of orthodontic stability
Little's irregularity index: Photographic assessment vs study model assessment
An examination of proportional root lengths of the mandibular canine and premolars near the time of eruption
Orthosurgical treatment including anchorage from a palatal implant to correct an infraoccluded maxillary first molar in a young adult
Molar distalization with a partially integrated mini-implant to correct unilateral Class II malocclusion
Orthodontic-prosthetic treatment of an adult with a severe Class III malocclusion
Treatment of a severely ankylosed central incisor and a missing lateral incisor by distraction osteogenesis and orthodontic treatment
Timely relocation of mini-implants for uninterrupted full-arch distalization
Identification and prevention of digital forgery in orthodontic records
A few good questions
Lingual orthodontics
Non Ex Factors: 98.5% nonextraction therapy using coordinated arch development
Ortodoncia lingual: Procedimientos y aplicación clínica
Ortodoncia lingüal: Procedimientos y aplicación clínica
Dr. Samir E. Bishara, 1935–2010
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