Changing of the guard
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Lack of evidence forces practitioners to make clinically based decisions
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Academic impropriety
Success of maxillary canine autotransplantation
Systematic review of intraoral splints for treating TMD
Effects of facemask therapy on profile changes in Class III subjects
Role of preoperative orthodontics in correcting Class III malocclusions
Randomized controlled trial of postorthodontic stability
Relationship between occlusion and temporomandibular disorders
Relationship between occlusion and temporomandibular disorders
Survey of orthodontic residency programs
Effectiveness of orthodontic treatment with functional appliances on mandibular growth in the short term
Orthodontic tooth movement
In-vitro assessment of the forces generated by lingual fixed retainers
Incidence of open gingival embrasures after mandibular incisor extractions
Histologic evaluation of root response to intrusion in mandibular teeth in beagle dogs
Discrepancy index relative to age, sex, and the probability of completing treatment by one resident in a 2-year graduate orthodontics program
Static frictional force and surface roughness of various bracket and wire combinations
Three-year follow-up of bimaxillary surgery to correct skeletal Class III malocclusion
Dental health assessed after interproximal enamel reduction
Maxillary protraction with miniplates providing skeletal anchorage in a growing Class III patient
Efficient usage of implant anchorage to treat overerupted maxillary first molar and mesially inclined mandibular molars
Accidental ingestion of a fractured Twin-block appliance
Comparison of mesiodistal root angulation with posttreatment panoramic radiographs and cone-beam computed tomography
What do patients actually consent to?
Common errors in preparing for and completing the American Board of Orthodontics clinical examination
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Essentials of orthognathic surgery, 2nd edition
Biomechanics in orthodontics
Lip pressure at rest and during function in 2 groups of patients with different occlusions
Electron-beam irradiation of polymer bracket materials
Integration of parts in the facial skeleton and cervical vertebrae
Mechanical effects of third-order movement in self-ligated brackets by the measurement of torque expression
Treatment of posterior crossbite comparing 2 appliances
Effects of analgesics on orthodontic pain
Three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis in treatment planning for orthodontic tooth movement
Stability of unilateral posterior crossbite correction in the mixed dentition
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Smile esthetics from the layperson's perspective