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Studying the spatial character of the temporomandibular joint
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Perplexing relationship between bite force and occlusal contact area
Asymptomatic third molars
Being statistically literate
Are we legally in the right?
Concern about space for the tongue
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Silver solder toxicity? Show me the evidence
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When patients are used as currency
Residents' journal review
Treatment outcome analysis of speedy surgical orthodontics for adults with maxillary protrusion
Assessment of motivation and psychological characteristics of adult orthodontic patients
Changes in stress distribution of orthodontic miniscrews and surrounding bone evaluated by 3-dimensional finite element analysis
Gram-negative periodontal pathogens and bacterial endotoxin in metallic orthodontic brackets with or without an antimicrobial agent: An in-vivo study
Landmark identification errors on cone-beam computed tomography-derived cephalograms and conventional digital cephalograms
Physical properties of root cementum: Part 21. Extent of root resorption after the application of 2.5° and 15° tips for 4 weeks: A microcomputed tomography study
Associations between sleep-disordered breathing symptoms and facial and dental morphometry, assessed with screening examinations
Space changes after premature loss of deciduous molars among Brazilian children
Release of bisphenol A from resin composite used to bond orthodontic lingual retainers
Three-dimensional assessment of maxillary changes associated with bone anchored maxillary protraction
In-vitro and in-vivo study of periodontal ligament cryopreserved with a magnetic field
Cortical bone thickness and bone depth of the posterior palatal alveolar process for mini-implant insertion in adults
Association between dental floss use and gingival conditions in orthodontic patients
Applicant selection procedures for orthodontic specialty programs in the United States: Survey of program directors
Transverse maxillary arch form and mandibular asymmetry in patients with posterior unilateral crossbite
Differences in craniofacial and dental characteristics of adolescent Mexican Americans and European Americans
Dental age assessment in patients with maxillary canine displacement
Patterns of third-molar agenesis and associated dental anomalies in an orthodontic population
Nonsurgical treatment of a Class III patient with a lateral open-bite malocclusion
Treatment of an adult with several missing teeth and atrophic old mandibular first molar extraction sites
Control of maxillary dentition with 2 midpalatal orthodontic miniscrews
Combined 3-dimensional and mirror-image analysis for the diagnosis of asymmetry
Faces in 4 dimensions: Why do we care, and why the fourth dimension?
Failing the ABO examination: Admissible evidence?
Randomization. Part 2: Minimization
The Alexander Discipline, Volume 2: Long-term stability
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