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Don't throw the scientific self-ligation baby out with the commercial bathwater
Who determines when orthodontic treatment is complete?
We must learn to learn from each other
“Publish or perish”—Who publishes and who perishes?
Residents' journal review
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Orthodontic dental casts: The case for routine articulator mounting
Orthodontic dental casts: The case against routine articulator mounting
Intrarater agreement about the etiology of Class II malocclusion and treatment approach
Molecular detection of in-vivo microbial contamination of metallic orthodontic brackets by checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization
Local osteoprotegerin gene transfer inhibits relapse of orthodontic tooth movement
Accuracy of cone-beam computed tomography at different resolutions assessed on the bony covering of the mandibular anterior teeth
Genetic variation in Myosin 1H contributes to mandibular prognathism
Long-term skeletal and dental stability of mandibular symphyseal distraction osteogenesis with a hybrid distractor
Analysis of stress in bone and microimplants during en-masse retraction of maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth with different insertion angulations: A 3-dimensional finite element analysis study
Vertical alveolar growth in subjects with infraoccluded mandibular deciduous molars
Upper lip changes and gingival exposure on smiling: Vertical dimension analysis
Orthognathic treatment for a patient with facial asymmetry associated with unilateral scissors-bite and a collapsed mandibular arch
Is traditional treatment a good option for an adult with a Class II deepbite malocclusion?
Eagle's syndrome in an orthodontic patient
Digital live-tracking 3-dimensional minisensors for recording head orientation during image acquisition
Statistical evidence: Admissible or not?
Randomization. Part 3: Allocation concealment and randomization implementation
Jüri Kurol, 1942-2011
Online only abstracts
Physical properties of root cementum: Part 22. Root resorption after the application of light and heavy extrusive orthodontic forces: A microcomputed tomography study
One-phase vs 2-phase treatment for developing Class III malocclusion: A comparison of identical twins
Relapse of a maxillary median diastema: Closure and permanent retention