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Buccolingual inclination measurements of canines and first molars through cone-beam computed tomography
Molar distalization with buccal mini-implants and palatal plate
Root resorption and ectopically erupting maxillary canines
Perception of facial asymmetry
Comparison of the orthodontic load systems created with elastomeric power chain to close extraction spaces on different rectangular archwires
Improvement of nasal airway ventilation after rapid maxillary expansion evaluated with computational fluid dynamics
Effects of thread depth, taper shape, and taper length on the mechanical properties of mini-implants
Efficacy of low-intensity laser therapy in reducing treatment time and orthodontic pain: A clinical investigation
Perceived vs measured forces of interarch elastics
Radiographic study of delayed tooth development in patients with dental agenesis
Viscoelastic properties of elastomeric chains: An investigation of pigment and manufacturing effects
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of strength, stability, and stress distribution in orthodontic anchorage: A conical, self-drilling miniscrew implant system
Development of white spot lesions during orthodontic treatment: Perceptions of patients, parents, orthodontists, and general dentists
Stress and displacement between maxillary protraction with miniplates placed at the infrazygomatic crest and the lateral nasal wall: A 3-dimensional finite element analysis
Long-term stability of conservative orthodontic treatment in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis and severe condylar resorption
Orthodontic treatment for a patient with a unilateral cleft lip and palate and congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors and left second premolar
A practical and effective method to increase the capacity of screws used for palatal disjunction
Interactive distance learning for orthodontic residents: Utilization and acceptability
What to say given what was said
Blinding or masking
Earn 3 hours of CE credit
Correction of collapsed occlusion with degenerative joint disease focused on the mandibular arch and timely relocation of a miniplate