Quantity vs quality
Evaluating airway volume with CBCT
Evaluating airway volume with CBCT
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Long-term stability of alveolar bone grafts in cleft palate patients
Cone-beam computed tomography transverse analysis. Part I: Normative data
Dental models made with an intraoral scanner: A validation study
Archwire vibration and stick-slip behavior at the bracket-archwire interface
Three-dimensional interpretation of intercanine width change in children: A 9-year longitudinal study
Histomorphometric study of the periodontal ligament in the initial period of orthodontic movement in Wistar rats with induced allergic asthma
Association analysis of clinical aspects and vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism with external apical root resorption in orthodontic patients
Management of the American Heart Association's guidelines for orthodontic treatment of patients at risk for infective endocarditis
Dental light curing and its effects on color perception
Correlation of the arch forms of male and female subjects with those of preformed rectangular nickel-titanium archwires
Impaction of both maxillary central incisors and a canine
Angle Class III malocclusion treated with mandibular first molar extractions
Orthodontic-restorative treatment as an option for biologic replacement of a maxillary central incisor: 5-year follow-up
Tooth separation: A risk-free procedure?
Severe complication of a bonded mandibular lingual retainer
Three-dimensional evaluation of changes in lip position from before to after orthodontic appliance removal
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Cluster-randomized controlled trials: Part 2
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