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Statistical treatment of the sample
Authors' response
Cortical bone thickness for miniscrew placement in adults
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Analyzing gene expression of periodontal cells tissue model after compression
Alveolar cleft closure with distraction osteogenesis by using tooth-microimplant anchorage
Three-dimensional computerized evaluation of collagen-based membranes for guided bone regeneration
Remineralizing and preventive effect of fluoride gel in orthodontic patients
Occlusal risk factors associated with temporomandibular disorders
Correct interpretation of cone-beam computed tomography for presurgical planning in implant restorations
All-cause mortality and periodontitis in 60- to 70-year-old men
Mandibular coronoid process grafting for alveolar ridge defects
Axes of resistance for tooth movement
Placement angle effects on the success rate of orthodontic microimplants and other factors with cone-beam computed tomography
Factorial analysis of variables affecting bone stress adjacent to the orthodontic anchorage mini-implant with finite element analysis
Cortical bone thickness of the alveolar process measured with cone-beam computed tomography in patients with different facial types
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of the craniomaxillary complex during maxillary protraction with bone anchorage vs conventional dental anchorage
Development of labial gingival recessions in orthodontically treated patients
Illusions of fusions
Influence of the expansion screw height on the dental effects of the hyrax expander
Relationship between body mass index percentile and skeletal maturation and dental development in orthodontic patients
Tongue posture improvement and pharyngeal airway enlargement as secondary effects of rapid maxillary expansion
Traumatic loss of a maxillary central incisor treated with nonextraction orthodontics
The segmented arch approach
Correction of an asymmetric maxillary dental arch by alveolar bone distraction osteogenesis
Autotransplantion of a displaced mandibular second premolar to its normal position
A novel biomechanical model assessing continuous orthodontic archwire activation
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