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A great one steps down
Concern about interpretation of the data
Concern about interpretation of the data
Assessing salivary biomarkers for analyzing orthodontic tooth movement
Assessing salivary biomarkers for analyzing orthodontic tooth movement
The time is now
Palatally impacted canines: The case for preorthodontic uncovering and autonomous eruption
Palatally impacted canines: The case for closed surgical exposure and immediate orthodontic traction
Dimensional changes of upper airway after rapid maxillary expansion: A prospective cone-beam computed tomography study
Changes of pulp-chamber dimensions 1 year after rapid maxillary expansion
Maxillary sinus floor extension and posterior tooth inclination in adolescent patients with Class II Division 1 malocclusion treated with maxillary first molar extractions
Estimation of periodontal ligament's equivalent mechanical parameters for finite element modeling
Apical root resorption: The dark side of the root
Botulinum neurotoxin type A in the masseter muscle: Effects on incisor eruption in rabbits
Force levels in complex tooth alignment with conventional and self-ligating brackets
Serum PTHrP level as a biomarker in assessing skeletal maturation during circumpubertal development
Maxillary lateral incisor morphology and palatally displaced canines: A case-controlled cone-beam volumetric tomography study
Etiologic factors for buccal and palatal maxillary canine impaction: A perspective based on cone-beam computed tomography analyses
Periodontal ligament distraction: Esthetics and occlusal stability at the 2-year follow-up
Two-phase orthodontic treatment of a complex malocclusion: Giving up efficiency in favor of effectiveness, quality of life, and functional rehabilitation?
Early treatment of an ectopic premolar to prevent molar-premolar transposition
Dens evaginatus: The hornet's nest of adolescent orthodontics
Predicting tooth-size discrepancy: A new formula utilizing revised landmarks and 3-dimensional laser scanning technology
Minor differences
Multiplicity 2: Multiple treatments and multiple outcomes
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The face: Pictorial atlas of clinical anatomy
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