The problem with predoctoral orthodontic education
Bonded lingual retainers
Authors' response
Informed consent or informed refusal?
A systematic review of vertical stability for surgical orthodontic treatments
Retention stability randomized controlled trial
Soft-tissue cephalometric norms for surgical approach
No pain, no gain? Effect of laser therapy on pain
Dentoskeletal changes after Class II Division 1 Herbst treatment
Intraoral distalizer effects with conventional and skeletal anchorage: A meta-analysis
Factors related to the rate of orthodontically induced tooth movement
Associations between palatally displaced canines and maxillary lateral incisors
Three-dimensional assessment of buccal alveolar bone after rapid and slow maxillary expansion: A clinical trial study
Three-dimensional deformation comparison of self-ligating brackets
Influence of maxillary incisor edge asymmetries on the perception of smile esthetics among orthodontists and laypersons
Impact of cone-beam computed tomography on orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning
Mechanical properties of Opus closing loops, L-loops, and T-loops investigated with finite element analysis
Dentoskeletal changes induced by the Jasper jumper and the activator-headgear combination appliances followed by fixed orthodontic treatment
Stability of quad-helix/crib therapy in dentoskeletal open bite: A long-term controlled study
Reconstruction of a collapsed dental arch in a patient with severe periodontitis
Iatrogenic absence of maxillary canines: Bolton discrepancy treated with mandibular incisor extraction
Canine autotransplantation: Effect of extraction site preservation with a titanium prosthesis and a bioresorbable membrane
Submandibular-space abscess from loss of a bonded molar tube during orthognathic surgery
Three-dimensional reproducibility of natural head position
So let be written, so let it be done
Multiplicity 3: Repeated measures
Atlas of cone beam imaging for dental applications, 2nd edition
Sverker Toreskog, 1936-2013
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