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Meta-analysis 101
Authors' response
The null hypothesis
Authors' response
Ethics in leadership personified
Assessing the position and bony support of mandibular incisors with cone-beam computed tomography
Gingival recession in orthodontically treated patients with bonded lingual retainer
Skeletal anchorage for maxillary protraction: A review of the literature
Accuracy and reliability of cone-beam computed tomography for airway volume analysis
Occlusal and dentoalvelar changes in adulthood
Assessment of the effect of combined multimedia and verbal information vs verbal information alone on anxiety levels before bond-up in adolescent orthodontic patients: A single-center randomized controlled trial
Condylar position assessed by magnetic resonance imaging after various bite position registrations
Pulp vitality and histologic changes in human dental pulp after the application of moderate and severe intrusive orthodontic forces
Effect of parathyroid hormone on experimental tooth movement in rats
Quantification of patient compliance with Hawley retainers and removable functional appliances during the retention phase
Influence on smile attractiveness of the smile arc in conjunction with gingival display
Load system of segmental T-loops for canine retraction
Impact of bisphosphonate drug burden in alveolar bone during orthodontic tooth movement in a rat model: A pilot study
Epigenetic influence of KAT6B and HDAC4 in the development of skeletal malocclusion
Etiquette in scientific publishing
Asymmetrical distalization of maxillary molars with zygomatic anchorage, improved superelastic nickel-titanium alloy wires, and open-coil springs
Treatment and retreatment of a patient with a severe anterior open bite
Six-year follow-up of maxillary anterior rehabilitation with forced orthodontic extrusion: Achieving esthetic excellence with a multidisciplinary approach
Mandibular condylar pseudocyst: An introduction to the orthodontist
Assessment of the accuracy and reliability of new 3-dimensional scanning devices
Getting clear on clearance
Analyzing longitudinal orthodontic data. Part 2: Nonlinear growth models
Atlas of orthodontic treatment for patients with birth defects