Smartphones to the rescue
Sealants and demineralization
Authors' response
Let the truth be known
Dentoalveolar characteristics of adolescents born prematurely
Social effects of esthetic crown lengthening
Dental trauma and maxillofacial fractures
Orthodontic eruption of severely impacted third molars
Symphyseal distraction in relation to duration of expansion
Interdisciplinary treatment of a patient with congenitally absent maxillary lateral incisors
Photographic and videographic assessment of the smile: Objective and subjective evaluations of posed and spontaneous smiles
Assessment of phantom dosimetry and image quality of i-CAT FLX cone-beam computed tomography
Three-dimensional treatment outcomes in Class II patients treated with the Herbst appliance: A pilot study
Comparison of 3-dimensional dental models from different sources: Diagnostic accuracy and surface registration analysis
Evaluating the agreement of skeletal age assessment based on hand-wrist and cervical vertebrae radiography
Cone-beam computed tomography evaluation of alveolar ridge width and height changes after orthodontic space opening in patients with congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors
Craniofacial and upper airway morphology in pediatric sleep-disordered breathing and changes in quality of life with rapid maxillary expansion
Bullying among Jordanian schoolchildren, its effects on school performance, and the contribution of general physical and dentofacial features
Sequential piezocision: A novel approach to accelerated orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic treatment of a patient with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and macroglossia: How informed consent was critical to success
Orthodontic treatment considerations for a patient with erythropoietic protoporphyria
Apicotomy: Surgical management of maxillary dilacerated or ankylosed canines
Diagnostic accuracy of impression-free digital models
The cost of care vs the standard of care
Analyzing longitudinal orthodontic data. Part 4: Latent growth curve models
December 2013: 144(6)