Enhancing CONSORT compliance for improved reporting of randomized controlled trials
Asymmetries evaluated with cone-beam computed tomography
Authors' response
An ounce of prevention
Orthodontic space closure during treatment of skeletal Class III malocclusions
Resin infiltration of white-spot lesions
Investigation of the effects of orthognathic surgical treatments in patient's perception of facial deformities
Cone-beam computed tomography imaging for patients with cleft lip and palate
Tooth mineralization stages as a diagnostic tool for assessment of skeletal maturity
Thirty-two-year follow-up study of Herbst therapy: A biometric dental cast analysis
Longitudinal growth changes in subjects with open-bite tendency: A retrospective study
Comparison between electrochemical ELISA and spectrophotometric ELISA for the detection of dentine sialophosphoprotein for root resorption
Dentofacial effects of skeletal anchored treatment modalities for the correction of maxillary retrognathia
Influence of maxillary canine gingival margin asymmetries on the perception of smile esthetics among orthodontists and laypersons
Oral epithelial cell reaction after exposure to Invisalign plastic material
Adult patient with hemifacial microsomia treated with combined orthodontics and distraction osteogenesis
Nonextraction treatment with temporary skeletal anchorage devices to correct a Class II Division 2 malocclusion with excessive gingival display
Space closure in the maxillary posterior area through the maxillary sinus
Tongue squamous cell carcinoma in young nonsmoking and nondrinking patients: 3 clinical cases of orthodontic interest
Accuracy and reproducibility of dental replica models reconstructed by different rapid prototyping techniques
Orthodontic purgatory
Introduction to observational studies: Part 1
January 2014: 145(1)