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Accuracy and reproducibility of dental measurements using different technologies, methodologic mistake
Why perform a literature review?
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Oral epithelial cell reaction and Invisalign treatment
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Tooth mineralization stages as a diagnostic tool for assessment of skeletal maturity
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Is ignorance bliss?
May 2014:145(5)
Temporary skeletal anchorage devices: The case for miniscrews
Temporary skeletal anchorage devices: The case for miniplates
Residents' journal review
Comparative assessment of alignment efficiency and space closure of active and passive self-ligating vs conventional appliances in adolescents: A single-center randomized controlled trial
Three-dimensional longitudinal changes in craniofacial growth in untreated hemifacial microsomia patients with cone-beam computed tomography
Comparison of orthodontic treatment outcomes in nonextraction, 2 maxillary premolar extraction, and 4 premolar extraction protocols with the American Board of Orthodontics objective grading system
Quantitative analysis of changes in salivary mutans streptococci after orthodontic treatment
Stability of surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion with and without retention analyzed by 3-dimensional imaging
Physical properties of root cementum: Part 24. Root resorption of the first premolars after 4 weeks of occlusal trauma
Biologic evaluation of a hollow-type miniscrew implant: An experimental study in beagles
Effect of bone-borne rapid maxillary expanders with and without surgical assistance on the craniofacial structures using finite element analysis
Accidental debondings: Buccal vs fully individualized lingual multibracket appliances
Bony adaptation after expansion with light-to-moderate continuous forces
Effect of 2 elastomeric ligatures on microbial flora and periodontal status in orthodontic patients
Long-term orthodontic and surgical treatment and stability of a patient with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome
Orthodontic treatment in a periodontal patient with pathologic migration of anterior teeth
Virtually fabricated guide for placement of the C-tube miniplate
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