Proposed AJO-DO Resource Center on cone-beam computed tomography imaging
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Concern about selection of the subjects
Thirty-two-year follow-up study of Herbst therapy
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Treatment of open bite and closing of relapsed space
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Joint autonomy
Residents' journal review
Comparison of vacuum-formed and Hawley retainers: A systematic review
Forces and moments generated by removable thermoplastic aligners: Incisor torque, premolar derotation, and molar distalization
Local application of zoledronate enhances miniscrew implant stability in dogs
Differences in facial profile and dental esthetic perceptions between young adults and orthodontists
Microsatellite genome-wide association study for mandibular prognathism
Longitudinal evaluation of dental arch asymmetry in Class II subdivision malocclusion with 3-dimensional digital models
Immediate changes in condylar position after rapid maxillary expansion
Three-dimensional evaluation of the pharyngeal airway volumes in patients affected by unilateral cleft lip and palate
Mass spectrometry analysis of gingival crevicular fluid in the presence of external root resorption
Do long-faced subjects really have a long anterior face? A longitudinal study
Conservative treatment for a growing patient with a severe, developing skeletal Class III malocclusion and open bite
Use of Forsus fatigue-resistant device in a patient with Class I malocclusion and mandibular incisor agenesis
Spontaneous improvement of gingival recession after correction of tooth positioning
Possibility, probability, and causation: A study of proximate causation
Effect modification
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Orthodontic and surgical management of impacted teeth
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