Statistical issues and ambiguities in a recent report on condylar position
Authors' response
Nothing but the truth…
Are mutations in parathyroid hormone receptor linked to undererupted molars associated with osteoarthritis?
Psychological aspects of pain induced by orthodontic separators
Is midline diastema “in fashion”?
Sample size in randomized controlled trials
Maxillary space closure's relationship to maxillary hypoplasia in cleft patients
Nonsurgical and surgical management of temporomandibular joint closed lock
Conditions of retained deciduous molars without successors in young patients
Effectiveness of 3 methods of anchorage reinforcement for maximum anchorage in adolescents: A 3-arm multicenter randomized clinical trial
Anterior cranial-base time-related changes: A systematic review
Motivation and compliance with intraoral elastics
Time reduction of light curing: Influence on conversion degree and microhardness of orthodontic composites
Treatment effects of a modified palatal anchorage plate for distalization evaluated with cone-beam computed tomography
Effect of corticision and different force magnitudes on orthodontic tooth movement in a rat model
Overjet, overbite, and anterior crowding relapses in extraction and nonextraction patients, and their correlations
Dentoskeletal effects of 3 maxillary expanders in patients with clefts: A cone-beam computed tomography study
Cranial-base morphology in adults with skeletal Class III malocclusion
Myeloperoxidase enzymatic activity is increased in patients with different levels of dental crowding after initial orthodontic activation
Class II malocclusion with complex problems treated with a novel combination of lingual orthodontic appliances and lingual arches
Orthodontic traction in a patient with cleidocranial dysplasia: 3 years of follow-up
Molar uprighting by a nickel-titanium spring based on a setup model
How to write an expert opinion letter
Cross-sectional studies
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