Who is responsible to inform and protect the public?
Forces and moments generated by removable thermoplastic aligners
Forces and moments generated by removable thermoplastic aligners
Is “long face” a misnomer?
Is “long face” a misnomer?
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Impact of extracorporeal shock-wave therapy on the stability of temporary anchorage devices in adults: A single-center, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial
Do dental esthetics have any influence on finding a job?
Bacteremia after piezocision
Association between sella turcica bridging and palatal canine impaction
Suture cartilage formation pattern varies with different expansive forces
Agreement between cone-beam computed tomography and nasoendoscopy evaluations of adenoid hypertrophy
Preeruptive changes in maxillary canine and first premolar inclinations: A retrospective study on panoramic radiographs
Long- and short-term effects of headgear traction with and without the maxillary second molars
Evaluation of pharyngeal airway space changes after bimaxillary orthognathic surgery with a 3-dimensional simulation and modeling program
Orthodontic tooth movement through the maxillary sinus in an adult with multiple missing teeth
Retreatment of a transfer patient with bialveolar protrusion with mini bone-plate anchorage
Concomitant dilaceration, transposition, and intraosseous migration: Report of a patient treated with maxillary canine-central incisor substitution
Measurement of the buccolingual inclination of teeth: Manual technique vs 3-dimensional software
Seeing before doing
Cohort studies: Part 1
October 2014:146(4)
Donald Hugh Enlow, 1927–2014
Gerald Vale, 1926–2013