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Breaking an old tradition
Celebration '15!
Bias is the key challenge in orthodontic research
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Postexpansion changes related to condylar position
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Residents' journal review
Know when to fold 'em
Alton W. Moore, 1916-2007
The measure of Alton W. Moore—teacher
Evolution of Class III treatment in orthodontics
Growth modification of the face: A current perspective with emphasis on Class III treatment
Early orthodontic treatment for Class II malocclusion reduces the chance of incisal trauma: Results of a Cochrane systematic review
Accuracy of digital American Board of Orthodontics Discrepancy Index measurements
Retrospective investigation of the effects and efficiency of self-ligating and conventional brackets
Effect of clinical use of nickel-titanium springs
Effects of magnitude of intrusive force on pulpal blood flow in maxillary molars
Gingival crevicular fluid alkaline phosphate activity during the retention phase of maxillary expansion in prepubertal subjects: A split-mouth longitudinal study
Periodontal, dentoalveolar, and skeletal effects of tooth-borne and tooth-bone-borne expansion appliances
Effects of a newly designed orthodontic miniplate platform for elevating the miniplate over the gingiva: A 3-dimensional finite element analysis
Prevalence and patterns of tooth agenesis in Angle Class II Division 2 malocclusion in Japan
Osteogenesis imperfecta and rapid maxillary expansion: Report of 3 patients
Corticotomy-assisted rapid maxillary expansion: A novel approach with a 3-year follow-up
Treatment of unilateral posterior crossbite with facial asymmetry in a female patient with transverse discrepancy
Anchorage reinforcement with a fixed functional appliance during protraction of the mandibular second molars into the first molar extraction sites
Novel universal system for 3-dimensional orthodontic force-moment measurements and its clinical use
Destroying records
Calculating the P value and carrying out a statistical test
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Charles J. Burstone, 1928-2015
Alfred Traxler Baum, 1922-2015