The image we cast
Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program: Exactly what is GORP?
Solving the faculty shortage might require more than money
Orthodontic quackery
Use of Hounsfield units in cone-beam computed tomography
Authors' response
Limitation of a cross-sectional study
Authors' response
P. Raymond Begg
Alveolar bone assessment by cone-beam computerized tomography
Maxillary fixed retention: survival rate and periodontal health
Increased condylar loading and changes in muscle mass after bilateral sagittal split osteotomy mandibular advancement
How much is too much?
Coenraad F. A. Moorrees: Journey to the top of Mons Scolaris (Mount Scholar)
American Association of Orthodontists Foundation Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection: Overview of a powerful tool for orthodontic research and teaching
A century of influence: Part 2. The greatest generation
Effect of social media in improving knowledge among patients having fixed appliance orthodontic treatment: A single-center randomized controlled trial
Long-term bonded retention after closure of maxillary midline diastema
Comparison of 5 types of interocclusal recording materials on the accuracy of articulation of digital models
Cone-beam computed tomography transverse analyses. Part 2: Measures of performance
Agreement among orthodontists experienced with cone-beam computed tomography on the need for follow-up and the clinical impact of craniofacial findings from multiplanar and 3-dimensional reconstructed views
Ultraviolet photofunctionalization increases removal torque values and horizontal stability of orthodontic miniscrews
Physical and adhesive properties of dental enamel after radiotherapy and bonding of metal and ceramic brackets
Cytokine measurements in gingival crevicular fluid and periodontal ligament: Are they correlated?
Interleukin-17 is involved in orthodontically induced inflammatory root resorption in dental pulp cells
Correction of severe bimaxillary protrusion with first premolar extractions and total arch distalization with palatal anchorage plates
Treatment of lateral open bite with vertical dentoalveolar distraction osteogenesis
Orthodontic treatment of a mandibular incisor fenestration resulting from a broken retainer
Development of a novel spike-like auxiliary skeletal anchorage device to enhance miniscrew stability
Risk management strategies in orthodontics. Part 1: Clinical considerations
Comparison of 2 means (independent z test or independent t test)
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