A pictorial history of orthodontics, 1915-2014
Retrospective: What a difference 10 years can make
Extraction treatment and long-term profile changes
Extraction treatment and long-term profile changes
Elemental composition of miniscrews
Elemental composition of miniscrews
When the inevitable happens…
Smile because of Dr Robert Murray Ricketts
Evolution of esthetic considerations in orthodontics
Interactions of hard tissues, soft tissues, and growth over time, and their impact on orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning
Esthetic evaluation of incisor inclination in smiling profiles with respect to mandibular position
Effect of mesiodistal angulation of the maxillary central incisors on esthetic perceptions of the smile in the frontal view
Perioral soft tissue evaluation of skeletal Class II Division 1: A lateral cephalometric study
Lingual appliances reduce the incidence of white spot lesions during orthodontic multibracket treatment
Histomorphometric analysis of overloading on palatal tooth movement into the maxillary sinus
Comparison of third-order torque simulation with and without a periodontal ligament simulant
Effect of low-frequency mechanical vibration on orthodontic tooth movement
Effect of fluoxetine on induced tooth movement in rats
Biomechanical effects of corticotomy approaches on dentoalveolar structures during canine retraction: A 3-dimensional finite element analysis
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of maxillary protraction with labiolingual arches and implants
Nasomaxillary hypoplasia with a congenitally missing tooth treated with LeFort II osteotomy, autotransplantation, and nickel-titanium alloy wire
Approximation and contact of the maxillary central incisor roots with the incisive canal after maximum retraction with temporary anchorage devices: Report of 2 patients
Reproducibility of natural head position in normal Chinese people
Risk management strategies in orthodontics. Part 2: Administrative considerations
Comparison of 2 means for matched observations (paired t test) and t test assumptions
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