Dr Edgar R. R. Parker: His time and now
The cleft child
Matched, equal, equipoise
Postsurgical volumetric airway changes in 2-jaw orthognathic surgery patients
Authors' response
Diversified rapid maxillary expander or utility maxillary expander?
The 101st man of influence
Without undue influence
T.M. “Tom” Graber: A passion for orthodontics
Viken Sassouni: Scientist, teacher, and mentor
Overview of orthodontic care for children with cleft lip and palate, 1915–2015
Etiology of maxillary canine impaction: A review
Oral health–related quality of life changes in standard, cleft, and surgery patients after orthodontic treatment
Growth-related changes of skeletal and upper-airway features in bilateral cleft lip and palate patients
Evaluation of root and alveolar bone development of unilateral osseous impacted immature maxillary central incisors after the closed-eruption technique
Comparison of transverse changes during maxillary expansion with 4-point bone-borne and tooth-borne maxillary expanders
Effect of low-level laser therapy on orthodontic tooth movement into bone-grafted alveolar defects
Effect of physical activity level on orthodontic pain perception and analgesic consumption in adolescents
Compliance by state-subsidized and self-pay orthodontic patients
Mandibular changes secondary to serial extractions compared with late premolar extractions and controls
Effect of maxillary protraction with alternating rapid palatal expansion and constriction vs expansion alone in maxillary retrusive patients: A single-center, randomized controlled trial
Factors associated with patient and parent satisfaction after orthodontic treatment: A systematic review
Treatment of a mandibular functional shift in an adolescent boy with temporomandibular disorder and crossbites
Sagittal correction of adolescent patients with modified palatal anchorage plate appliances
Impact on perceived root resorption based on the amount of incisal inclination as determined from conventional panoramic radiography
Heeding the advice of others
Nonparametric methods
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Gus G. Sotiropoulos, 1926–2015