The century behind and the century ahead
100 Years of Orthodontic History
The 6-elements orthodontic philosophy: Treatment goals, classification, and rules for treating
Article of the future
Season's Greetings
Intrusive force and pulp flow measurement
Intrusive force and pulp flow measurement
Can you do it all?
Donald Garth Woodside: A leader for orthodontic research and education in Canada
The history of orthodontic education: A century of development and debate
History of imaging in orthodontics from Broadbent to cone-beam computed tomography
Evolving concepts of heredity and genetics in orthodontics
Attracting orthodontic patients via the Internet: A 20-year evolution
Biology of biomechanics: Finite element analysis of a statically determinate system to rotate the occlusal plane for correction of a skeletal Class III open-bite malocclusion
Can shielded brackets reduce mucosa alteration and increase comfort perception in orthodontic patients in the first 3 days of treatment? A single-blind randomized controlled trial
Association among pain, masticatory performance, and proinflammatory cytokines in crevicular fluid during orthodontic treatment
Antibacterial orthodontic cement to combat biofilm and white spot lesions
Retrospective study of 100 autotransplanted teeth with complete root formation and subsequent orthodontic treatment
Short-term effects of strain produced on a split palatal screw-type hyrax appliance after rapid maxillary expansion: A clinical trial
Bone and cartilage changes in rabbit mandibular condyles after 1 injection of botulinum toxin
Diagnostic performance of skeletal maturity for the assessment of midpalatal suture maturation
Bone remodeling during orthodontic tooth movement in rats with type 2 diabetes
Selecting subjects with high craniofacial shape homogeneity for clinical trials
Agreement between adolescents and parents or caregivers in rating adolescents' quality of life during orthodontic treatment
Class III malocclusion treated with distalization of the mandibular dentition with miniscrew anchorage: A 2-year follow-up
Integration of 3-dimensional surgical and orthodontic technologies with orthognathic “surgery-first” approach in the management of unilateral condylar hyperplasia
Effectiveness and efficiency of a CAD/CAM orthodontic bracket system
Who is entitled to what?
Two-way analysis of variance: Part 1
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