Our perfect storm: One orthodontist's opinion
“The choice is ours” (not to mention our patients')
History of imaging in orthodontics: A history of overdiagnosis?
History of imaging in orthodontics: A history of overdiagnosis?
Use of Ramanujan's equation of ellipse to determine arch perimeter
Use of Ramanujan's equation of ellipse to determine arch perimeter
Start at the beginning
It's a rough sport
Effectiveness of orthodontic treatment with functional appliances on maxillary growth in the short term: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Fixed functional appliances with multibracket appliances have no skeletal effect on the mandible: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Predicting improvement of postorthodontic white spot lesions
Effect of polyvinylsiloxane material and impression handling on the accuracy of digital models
Common 3-dimensional coordinate system for assessment of directional changes
Maxillary first premolar inclination in 8- to 11-year-old children: An observational cross-sectional study on panoramic radiographs
Effects of fixed orthodontic treatment on nickel and chromium levels in gingival crevicular fluid as a novel systemic biomarker of trace elements: A longitudinal study
Effects of maxillary protraction therapy on the pharyngeal airway in patients with repaired unilateral cleft lip and palate: A 3-dimensional computed tomographic study
Relationship of craniofacial morphology in 3-dimensional analysis of the pharynx
Influence of TNF-α-308 G/A gene polymorphism on temporomandibular disorder
Role of myosin 1H gene polymorphisms in mandibular retrognathism
Analysis of the maxillary dental arch after rapid maxillary expansion in patients with unilateral complete cleft lip and palate
Microimplant-assisted rapid palatal expansion appliance to orthopedically correct transverse maxillary deficiency in an adult
Asymmetric molar distalization with miniscrews to correct a severe unilateral Class III malocclusion
Unilateral mandibular condylar osteochondroma treated with ipsilateral condylectomy and contralateral ramus osteotomy
Transplant vs implant in a patient with agenesis of both maxillary lateral incisors: A 9-year follow-up
Reproducibility of the lip position at rest: A 3-dimensional perspective
It's just a phase
Using linear regression for t tests and analysis of variance
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