One phase or two, and Buridan's paradox
Concerns about combining samples
Concerns about combining samples
Rapid palatal expansion, with and without alternating constriction
Rapid palatal expansion, with and without alternating constriction
Match program
Match program
Genetic causes vs guidance theory for palatal displacement of canines
Reconsidering “The inappropriateness of conventional cephalometrics”
Evolution of imaging and management systems in orthodontics
Do you believe in magic?
Comparative assessment of fluoride varnish and fluoride film for remineralization of postorthodontic white spot lesions in adolescents and adults over a 6-month period: A single-center, randomized controlled clinical trial
Adverse effects of lingual and buccal orthodontic techniques: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Evaluation of maxillary arch dimensional and inclination changes with self-ligating and conventional brackets using broad archwires
Nonlinear dependency of tooth movement on force system directions
Anterior open-bite treatment with bonded vs conventional lingual spurs: A comparative study
Long-term stability of rapid palatal expansion in the mixed dentition vs the permanent dentition
Esthetic evaluation of lip position in silhouette with respect to profile divergence
Herbst appliance anchored to miniscrews with 2 types of ligation: Effectiveness in skeletal Class II treatment
Effect of minocycline on induced glial activation by experimental tooth movement
Nonsurgical treatment of an adult with an open bite and large lower anterior facial height with edgewise appliances and temporary anchorage devices
Orthodontic treatment of a patient with severe crowding and unilateral fracture of the mandibular condyle
Long-term stability of maxillary group distalization with interradicular miniscrews in a patient with a Class II Division 2 malocclusion
Eruption of an impacted canine in an adenomatid odontogenic tumor treated with combined orthodontic and surgical therapy
Three-dimensional imaging for indirect-direct bonding
Ulterior motives
Analysis of variance to linear regression
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