Why are we fighting the Medical Device Excise Tax?
Why we are fighting the Medical Device Excise Tax
Rapid canine retraction: Is it actually happening?
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Herbst appliance anchored to miniscrews with 2 types of ligation
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Long-term stability of maxillary group distalization with interradicular miniscrews
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Residents’ journal review
Tell it like it is
Dentoskeletal outcomes of a rapid maxillary expander with differential opening in patients with bilateral cleft lip and palate: A prospective clinical trial
Retrieval analysis of lingual fixed retainer adhesives
Root resorption in Class II malocclusion treatment with Class II elastics
Mixed-methods assessment of perceptions of mandibular anterior malalignment and need for orthodontic retreatment
Objective method for evaluating orthodontic treatment from the lay perspective: An eye-tracking study
Craniofacial characteristics of children with mild hypodontia
Tooth replacements in young adults with severe hypodontia: Orthodontic space closure, dental implants, and tooth-supported fixed dental prostheses. A follow-up study
Dental esthetics and oral health-related quality of life in young adults
Association between frontal sinus morphology and cervical vertebral maturation for the assessment of skeletal maturity
When static meets dynamic: Comparing cone-beam computed tomography and acoustic reflection for upper airway analysis
Determination of soft tissue thickness at orthodontic miniscrew placement sites using ultrasonography for customizing screw selection
Morphologic evaluation of dentoalveolar structures of mandibular anterior teeth during augmented corticotomy-assisted decompensation
Orthodontic treatment and follow-up of a patient with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia
Adult skeletal Class II high-angle case treated with a fully customized lingual bracket appliance
Forced eruption of impacted maxillary central incisors with severely dilacerated roots
New algorithm for semiautomatic segmentation of nasal cavity and pharyngeal airway in comparison with manual segmentation using cone-beam computed tomography
Familiarity, of sorts
The 2 × 2 tabulation
October 2016:150(4)
Biological mechanisms of tooth movement. 2nd ed