New certification renewal options of the American Board of Orthodontics
Clarification of the ABO certification process
Leadership in a time of disruption
Rapid palatal expansion in a patient with cleft lip and palate
Author's response
Is it cloudy in the pews?
Comparison of survival time and comfort between 2 clear overlay retainers with different thicknesses: A pilot randomized controlled trial
Effectiveness of orthodontic miniscrew implants in anchorage reinforcement during en-masse retraction: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Extraction frequencies at a university orthodontic clinic in the 21st century: Demographic and diagnostic factors affecting the likelihood of extraction
Evaluation of American Board of Orthodontics certification protocols in postgraduate orthodontic programs in the United States and Canada
Comparative evaluation of salivary bisphenol A levels in patients wearing vacuum-formed and Hawley retainers: An in-vivo study
Bisphenol A release from orthodontic adhesives measured in vitro and in vivo with gas chromatography
Effects of orthodontic appliances on the diagnostic quality of magnetic resonance images of the head
Safe zones for miniscrews in maxillary dentition distalization assessed with cone-beam computed tomography
Force degradation of orthodontic latex elastics: An in-vivo study
Associations among sella turcica bridging, atlas arcuate foramen (ponticulus posticus) development, atlas posterior arch deficiency, and the occurrence of palatally displaced canine impaction
Evaluation of enamel surface roughness after orthodontic bracket debonding with atomic force microscopy
Atorvastatin-induced osteoclast inhibition reduces orthodontic relapse
Candidate gene analyses of 3-dimensional dentoalveolar phenotypes in subjects with malocclusion
Perception of changes in soft-tissue profile after Herbst appliance treatment of Class II Division 1 malocclusion
Timing of orthognathic surgery on the changes of oral health-related quality of life in Chinese orthognathic surgery patients
Orthodontic uprighting of a horizontally impacted third molar and protraction of mandibular second and third molars into the missing first molar space for a patient with posterior crossbites
Camouflage of a high-angle skeletal Class II open-bite malocclusion in an adult after mini-implant failure during treatment
Twenty-year follow-up of a familial case of PTH1R-associated primary failure of tooth eruption
Accuracy and head positioning effects on measurements of anterior tooth length using 3-dimensional and conventional dental panoramic radiography
Directed acyclic graphs: A tool to identify confounders in orthodontic research, Part II
March 2017:151(3)
TMD and orthodontics. A clinical guide for the orthodontist
William Webb Robinson, 1937-2016
Walter Cooper Sandusky, Jr, 1923-2016