Racism and Mental Health Into the 21st Century: Perspectives and Parameters
Racism as a Clinical Syndrome
From Evil to Illness: Medicalizing Racism
Invisibility Syndrome: A Clinical Model of the Effects of Racism on African-American Males
A Multidimensional Conceptualization of Racism-Related Stress: Implications for the Well-Being of People of Color
Treatment Delay Among Asian-American Patients With Severe Mental Illness
Training in Cultural Schemas: An Antidote to Unintentional Racism in Clinical Practice
The Long and Winding Road: Personal Reflections of an Anti-Racism Trainer
Early Intervention Programs for Children With Autism: Conceptual Frameworks for Implementation
Relation of Mothers’ Affective Developmental History and Parenting Behavior: Effects on Infant Medical Risk
Emotional Availability: Conceptualization and Research Findings
Preschool Children's Exposure to Violence: Relation of Behavior Problems to Parent and Child Reports
Differences Among Families Coping With Serious Mental Illness: A Qualitative Analysis
Impact of Welfare Reform on Teenage Parent Recipients: An Analysis of Two Cohorts