Seeding Violence in the Minds of Children
Snake Oil, Ethics, and the First Amendment: What's a Profession to Do?
Trauma in War and Political Persecution: Expanding the Concept
Interpretations of the Past and Expectations for the Future Among Israeli and Palestinian Youth
Role of Kin and Nonkin Support in the Mental Health of Low-Income Women
Toward Uncovering Robust Principles of Change Inherent to Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis
Single- and Dual-Trauma Couples: Clinical Observations of Relational Characteristics and Dynamics
Compromised Emotional Competence: Seeds of Violence Sown Early?
Attention and Conduct Problems in Children Exposed to Family Violence
Normalization of Violence Among Inner-City Youth: A Formulation for Research
Negative Coping as Mediator in the Relation Between Violence and Outcomes: Inner-City African American Youth
What Does Getting Better Mean? Child Improvement and Measure of Outcome in Residential Treatment
Participation in Social Activities: Maternal Ratings of Maltreated and Nonmaltreated Children
Risk Factors for Deliberate Self-Harm Among College Students
State-Funded Abortions Versus Deliveries: A Comparison of Outpatient Mental Health Claims Over 4 Years
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