Socioeconomic Status and Mental Illness: Tests of the Social Causation and Selection Hypotheses
Addressing Political and Racial Terror in the Therapeutic Relationship
The Role of Interpreters in Psychotherapy With Refugees: An Exploratory Study
Integrative Model of Caregiving: How Macro and Micro Factors Affect Caregivers of Adults With Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
Failure to Seek Health Care Among the Mentally Ill
Coparenting Conflict, Nonacceptance, and Depression Among Divorced Adults: Results From a 12-Year Follow-Up Study of Child Custody Mediation Using Multiple Imputation
Prevalence and Correlates of Depression as a Secondary Condition Among Adults With Disabilities
Gender Differences and Dynamics Shaping the Adoption Life Cycle: Review of the Literature and Recommendations
Predicting Heavy Alcohol Use Among Adolescents
Predicting Antisocial Behavior Among Latino Young Adolescents: An Ecological Systems Analysis
The Relationship of Preschool and Early School Age Attachment to Mother–Child Interaction
Spontaneous Reports of Emotional Upset and Health Care Utilization Among Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder After Receiving a Potentially Upsetting Survey
Consent and Participation: Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Children in Out-of-Home Care
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