Coparenting Conflict, Nonacceptance, and Depression Among Divorced Adults: Results From a 12-Year Follow-Up Study of Child Custody Mediation Using Multiple Imputation

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Using statistically imputed data to increase available power, this article reevaluated the long-term effects of divorce mediation on adults’ psychological adjustment and investigated the relations among coparenting custody conflict, nonacceptance of marital termination, and depression at 2 occasions over a decade apart following marital dissolution. Group comparisons revealed that fathers and parents who mediated their custody disputes reported significantly more nonacceptance at the 12-year follow-up assessment. Significant interactions were observed by gender in regression models predicting nonacceptance at the follow-up; mothers’ nonacceptance was positively associated with concurrent depression, whereas fathers’ nonacceptance was positively associated with early nonacceptance and negatively associated with concurrent conflict.

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