Interior Landscapes of Mental Disorder: Visual Representations of the Experience of Madness
Behavior Problems in New York City's Children After the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks
Understanding Inner City Child Mental Health Need and Trauma Exposure: Implications for Preparing Urban Service Providers
Hope, Social Support, and Behavioral Problems in At-Risk Children
Child Protection and the Conception of Parental Responsibility
The Experience of Adoptive Parents in Adoption Reunion Relationships: A Qualitative Study
Going It Alone: Solo Mothers and Their Infants Conceived by Donor Insemination
Hospitalized African American Mental Health Consumers: Some Antecedents to Service Satisfaction and Intent to Comply With Aftercare
Depressive Symptomatology, Exposure to Violence, and the Role of Social Capital Among African American Adolescents
Why Do So Many Latina Teens Attempt Suicide? A Conceptual Model for Research
Parasuicidality and Patient Careerism: Treatment Recidivism and the Dialectics of Failure
Higher Education and Psychiatric Disabilities: National Survey of Campus Disability Services
What Is Schizophrenia? Secondary School Students' Associations With the Word and Sources of Information About the Illness
Self-Injurious Behavior as a Separate Clinical Syndrome
Girls, Aggression, and Emotion Regulation
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