Trauma and Cumulative Adversity in Women of a Disadvantaged Social Location
A Preventive Pilot Project Addressing Multiethnic Tensions in the Wake of the Iraq War
The Orphans of Eritrea: What Are the Choices?
Children's Experience of Loss by Parental Migration in Inner-City Jamaica
The Relationship Between Violence Exposure and HIV Sexual Risk Behaviors: Does Gender Matter?
“It's Just Not All Teenage Moms”: Diversity, Support, and Relationship in Family Services
The National Lesbian Family Study: 4. Interviews With the 10-Year-Old Children
Implementing Trauma-Informed Alcohol and Other Drug and Mental Health Services for Women: Lessons Learned in a Multisite Demonstration Project
Beyond Treatment Effects: Predicting Emerging Adult Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among Substance-Abusing Delinquents
Eating Disorders in Asian Populations: A Critique of Current Approaches to the Study of Culture, Ethnicity, and Eating Disorders
The Relation Between Violence Exposure and Conduct Problems Among Adolescents: A Prospective Study
God Forbid! Substance Use Among Religious and Nonreligious Youth
Relations Between Parents’ Interactive Style in Dyadic and Triadic Play and Toddlers’ Symbolic Capacity
The Parental Empathy Measure: A New Approach to Assessing Child Maltreatment Risk
Dyadic Characteristics of Individual Attributes: Attachment, Neuroticism, and Their Relation to Marital Quality and Closeness
Preserving Family Bonds: Examining Parent Perspectives in the Light of Practice Standards for Out-of-Home Treatment
Role Taking of Youths in a Family Context: Adolescents Exposed to Interparental Violence
A Qualitative Investigation of Adolescents’ Experiences With Parental HIV/AIDS
Completed Suicide and Psychiatric Diagnoses in Young People: A Critical Examination of the Evidence
The Role of Critical Consciousness in Multicultural Practice: Examining How Its Strength Becomes Its Limitation
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