Special Section on Parenting and Homelessness
Parenting and Homelessness: Overview and Introduction to the Special Section
Commentary: A Consumer Perspective on Parenting While Homeless
Commentary: A Provider Perspective on Supporting Parents Who Are Homeless
Parent-Adolescent Violence and Later Behavioral Health Problems Among Homeless and Housed Youth
What Research Tells Us About the Intersecting Streams of Homelessness and Foster Care
Examining the Impact of Parental Risk on Family Functioning Among Homeless and Housed Families
Parenting, Parental Mental Health, and Child Functioning in Families Residing in Supportive Housing
Effects of Social Support and Conflict on Parenting Among Homeless Mothers
Parenting Adults Who Become Homeless: Variations in Stress and Social Support
Conducting Filial Therapy With Homeless Parents
Thriving as Becoming Resolute in Narratives of Women Surviving Childhood Maltreatment
Sociocultural Disadvantage, Traumatic Life Events, and Psychiatric Symptoms in Preadolescent Children
Traumatic Events Involving Friends and Family Members in a Sample of African American Early Adolescents
Peer Sexual Harassment Victimization at School: The Roles of Student Characteristics, Cultural Affiliation, and School Factors
Factors Associated With the Adjustment of Foster Children in the Netherlands
Another Breed of “Service” Animals: STARS Study Findings About Pet Ownership and Recovery From Serious Mental Illness