The Perils of Decentralized Care in Otology/Neurotology
Tympanoplasty Type II With Ionomeric Cement and Titanium-Gold-Angle Prostheses
Type IV Tympanoplasty Revisited
Tympano-Ossicular Allografts and HIV Transmission
Middle Ear Pressure Variations During 50% N2O Anesthesia as a Function of Mastoid Pneumatization
A Reevaluation of the 512-Hz Rinne Tuning Fork Test as a Patient Selection Criterion for Laser Stapedotomy
A New Autosomal-Dominant Locus (DFNA 12) Is Responsible for a Nonsyndromic, Midfrequency, Prelingual and Nonprogressive Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Cochlear Ossification After Meningitis
High Prevalence of Sensorineural Hearing Loss Among Survivors of Neonatal Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
Long-Term Results With the Titanium Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid
Speech Intelligibility in Children After Cochlear Implanation
Pediatric Cochlear Implantation in Cochlear Malformations
Cochlear Implantation in a Patient With Profound Hearing Loss With the A1555G Mitochondrial Mutation
Bilateral Cochlear Implants Controlled by a Single Speech Processor
Speech Perception in Children After Cochlear Implantation
Management of Late Extrusions of Cochlear Implants
Cochlear Implantation in the Deaf-Blind
Basal Turn Cochleostomy via the Middle Fossa Route for Cochlear Implant Insertion
Modulation of Tinnitus by Voluntary Jaw Movements
Computerized Dynamic Visual Acuity Test in the Assessment of Vestibular Deficits
Posturography Changes Do Not Predict Functional Performance Changes
A Screening Version of the Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI-S)
Specific Vocalized Complaints in Whiplash and Minor Head Injury Patients
Dizziness From Whiplash and Head Injury
Use of Autologous Osteocyte Containing Bone Pate for Closure of Tegmental Defects
Pneumocephalus After Acoustic Neuroma Surgery
An Investigation of the Effect of Structured Teaching on a Group of Tinnitus Patients After Vestibular Schwannoma Removal
Profile of Hearing in Patients With Unilateral Acoustic Neuromas
A Study of Vestibular Schwannomas Using Positron Emission Tomography and Monoclonal Antibody Ki-67
Radiologic Surveillance of Acoustic Neuromas
Abnormal Branching of Facial Nerve With Ossicular Anomalies
Tone Burst Auditory Brain Stem Response Latency Estimates of Cochlear Travel Time in Meniere's Disease, Cochlear Hearing Loss, and Normal Ears
Imaging Case of the Month Pneumolabyrinth