Rehabilitation of the Older Stroke Patient
Effect of Force-Feedback Treatments in Patients with Chronic Motor Deficits After a Stroke
Fluoroscopically Guided Lumbar Transformational Epidural Steroid Injections in Degenerative Lumbar Stenosis
Predictive Factors of Cessation of Ambulation in Patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Back Pain, Physical Function, and Estimates of Aerobic Capacity
Clinical Application of the DEC Variables in Assessing Maximality of Muscular Effort
White-Coat Effect Induced by Therapist’s Presence During Speech Therapy
Managing Low Back Pain, 4th Edition
BOTOX and Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Piriformis Syndrome
Self-Assessment Exam Questions
Assessing Physicians’ Interpersonal Skills
Ankylosing Spondylitis Manifested by Spontaneous Anterior Atlantoaxial Subluxation
What Are the Outcomes of Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome?
What Are the Outcomes of Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome?
CME Self-Assessment Exam Answers
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