Physiatry: Medical Errors, Patient Safety, Patient Injury, and Quality of Care
Comparison of Stochastic vs. Conventional Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation for Pain Modulation in Patients with Electromyographically Documented Radiculopathy
Electrical Stimulation of the Upper Limb in Stroke
Effects of Respiratory Muscle Weakness on Daily Living Function, Quality of Life, Activity Levels, and Exercise Capacity in Mild to Moderate Parkinson's Disease
Comparison of Peak Cough Flows Measured by Pneumotachograph and a Portable Peak Flow Meter
Effort-Limited Treadmill Walk Test
Effect of Rehabilitation on Hip and Knee Proprioception in Older Adults After Hip Fracture
Functional Recovery and Length of Stay After Hip Fracture in Patients Taking Corticosteroids
Effect of Wheelchair Stroke Pattern on Mechanical Efficiency
Muscle Strength in Patients with Unicompartmental Arthroplasty
CME Self-Assessment Exam
Dynamic Hip Flexion Contractures
Phantom Breast Pain as a Source of Functional Loss
CME Self-Assessment Exam
The Young Cervical Spinal Stenotic
The Young Cervical Spinal Stenotic